16-04-2022 / 20:30 - 21:40 Dance


Eduardo Guerrero (Sevilla)

Magna Room

Type of audience: +0

Sombra Efímera (Ephemeral Shadow) is a transfer of information between disciplines and thoughts. It is a process that is alive and in some way under construction. Under the direction of Mateo Feijóo, choreographies are suggested that deepen and generate an immersion between the tradition of flamenco, the contemporary arts of movement and the plastic and visual arts. With this new creation we integrate ourselves into a symbolic landscape, which is nourished by the dream potential to represent bodies, sounds, shapes and their possible projections in space. It thus becomes a kind of exploration, a poetic reality that calls us; it is from this that we cross the space with Eduardo Guerrero and his collaborators, forming part of the thought and research shared in this long process.


DANSAMÀNIGA – 16th International Dance Season

Tarifa General

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