01-04-2023 / 20:30 - 21:45 Dance


Ballet Dantzaz (Euskadi)

Magna Room

Type of audience: +5

Saturday, 1st April 2023, at 8:30 p.m.




Dantzaz Ballet (Basque Country)

Running time: 75 minutes

Tickets: 12 €


Is there a place for dance? QUO, the new Dantzaz program, made up of three choreographic pieces, aims to find that common place in which to meet again after the pandemic. Is there room for dance in a world immersed in the most absolute virtuality and in separation and individualization, denying the body as our tool and our way of life? Our answer is a resounding YES. More than ever, it is dance time. It is a place of dance. It is QUO.


Dantzaz has been a pioneering platform in the field of movement arts since 2007. Since then, 89 dancers have been part of the recent history of this company. Many of them today integrate some of the best international ballets, such as the National Ballet of Marseille, the Nuremberg Ballet, the Scottish Ballet or the Iceland Dance Company, among others.


With 9 performers on stage


DANSAMÀNIGA 2022 – 2023


Tarifa General

12.00 €