07-01-2023 - 25-03-2023 / 00:00 Exhibition

Exposition From solitude and silence. Jaume Mercant's painting


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Opening: Saturday, 7th January 2023, at 6:00 p.m.


From solitude and silence. Jaume Mercant's painting

From 7th January 25th March 2023


This exhibition vindicates the work of Jaume Mercant (Capdepera, 1908 – Palma, 1999), a self-taught painter considered one of the most original, interesting and personal landscape painters of the second half of the 20th century in Mallorca.

Jaume Mercant is a "particular" artist personally and "peculiar" in his way of looking at, seeing and interpreting the Majorcan landscape. He is a painter who goes against the current, independent, away from trends and fashions, who always prioritized the creative act above other considerations, and who, based on work, discipline and experimentation, managed to create his own personal language. An unmistakable work that exudes sensitivity and poetry.

Therefore, the objective of the exhibition is to make the work of Jaume Mercant known to the general public. A work that has prestige in the artistic fields, although, however, it is unknown by the general public.

Curator: Esperança Llabrés Terrassa

Co-production with Capdepera Local Council

Tarifa General

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