13-03-2023 - 18-03-2023 / 00:00 Dance

Residence and show of work in progress

Magna Room

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From 13th to 18th March 2023

MAR AGUILÓ (National Dance Company-Madrid)

Residence and show of work in progress


Mar Aguiló, choreographer and dancer of the National Dance Company meet to create ALMA. A dance duo whose starting point is the activation of the installation by the artist Pep Agut at the Palacio de Cristal (Madrid), where, in addition to dialoguing among them and with the artwork, they had support of the visual artist Lourdes Cabrera.


The two dancers will seduce and challenge each other in a strange experience of symbiosis, becoming characters that are confused and interspersed at times, metamorphosing like a mirage.



17th International Dance Season

Tarifa General

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