10-12-2022 / 18:00 - 19:15 Theatre


Companyia Mallorca So

Magna Room

Type of audience: +5

Saturday, 10th December, 6 pm


Empresa Mallorca So

Director: por Rafael Brunet

Tickets: 10€

Alice is a very imaginative girl who can't concentrate on studying and keeps prying into her most fantastic thoughts while she walks in the park with her governess. Suddenly, she sees a very busy white rabbit go by and goes after her. Following the white rabbit, she plunges into a magical world full of surprises.

Between dances and songs, a series of quirky characters - such as the Little Flowers, the Caterpillar, a cat that appears and disappears, a Mad Hatter, a Mad Hare - parade around Alice, who arrives to appear before the Queen of Hearts and play a game of croquet with her. Alice makes the Queen so angry that she orders her head cut off. Alice hides among the child-spectators who help her escape from her.

Finally, after many incidents, she meets her governess again in the middle of the park, who lectures her and tells her that she should be realistic and less fanciful. Alicia doesn't know if what she experienced is reality or fiction.

Musical in Catalan

Tarifa General

10.00 €