23-12-2022 / 20:00 - 21:15 Music


Pedro Borràs


Type of audience: +5

Divendres, 23 de desembre, a les 20 h


Pedro Borràs

Cançons de Bob Marley, Jarabe de Palo, Los Ronaldos, Queen, The Beatles

2 €


The show is the world of Pedro Borràs; the stage is his habitat, where his energy is multiplied when the audience smiles, has fun, feels, sings and dances with him. Pedro Borràs always tries to provide a dynamic and highly varied show. Attentive to the vibrations of the public to offer at all times the song they want to sing out loud. A concert that becomes a dialogue between the attendees and the musician, who connects with the audience and manages to really convey who he is: a young man, somewhat shy at first, who introduces himself with a guitar and who, when he starts to sing, he transforms and shines knowing that he is doing what he was born to do.



«Fly me to the moon» - Frank Sinatra
«Redemption songs» – Bob Marley
«Wonderwall» – Oasis
«Human» – The Killers
«Mais que nada» – Sergio Mendes
«La flaca» – Jarabe de Palo
«No puedo vivir sin ti »– Los Ronaldos
«Sopa fría» – M Clan
«Somebody to love» – Queen
«Creep» – Radiohead
«I wanna hold your hand» – The Beatles
«Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley
«Angels» – Robbie Williams
«Your song» – Elton John
«Someday» – The Strokes
«In my place» – Coldplay
«Hero» – Family Of The Year

Tarifa General

2.00 €