17-09-2023 / 19:00 - 19:55 Theatre



Magna Room

Type of audience: +5

Sunday, 17th September, at 7:00 p.m.


MARKELIÑE (Basque Country)

Visual & Gestural theatre

From 5-year-olds

Running time: 55 minutes

3 €


A metaphor for life. Birth is nothing more than a shipwreck that casts you off on the lonely island of your destiny. Waste reaches the island by sea. This plastic, cardboard, platforms, ropes... generates an aesthetic composition and a visual environment that surrounds the protagonist. Crusoe engages in a relationship with real and imaginary beings. His life consists of what his mind can interpret in a transformed reality. A multi-instrumental musician will provide the sound that envelopes Crusoe. Things happen with the same naturalness as they happen in life: surprising sometimes, inconvenient other times, but almost always teaching you how to live with them. From a lonely island, with a flavour of the sea, Crusoe will see ships and time sail by without stopping. Crusoe, accompanied by an imaginary Friday, finally learns to live a peaceful life. A life that, like a ship on the high seas, sails by in the distance.


2020 FETEN Best Music Award

2021 La Rinconada (Seville)-Award for the best told story

Tarifa General

3.00 €