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Companyia de Comediants La Baldufa (Catalunya


Type of audience: +0

Sunday, October 6, at 5:00 p.m.


La Baldufa Comediants Company (Catalonia)

Running time: 50 min

All audiences

Location: Auditorium Square


September 6th. I start my journey to Europe.

September 8th. The night is dark. The sea is angry.

September 10th. I made it. I’ve crossed the Mediterranean.


On the outskirts of a city, in an old courtyard, Amal hides as she escapes. She is a young woman who, after experiencing the horrors of war, has had to leave her country in search of refuge in Europe. She cannot imagine that in the very same place, another girl has also sought refuge to escape her own anxieties and concerns. Perhaps they will discover that they share more than they could have imagined...



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