Acting at the Sa Màniga Auditorium

Auditori sa Màniga in Cala Millor is the cultural center and for the congresses of the municipality of Sant Llorenç (Mallorca). The municipality has a population of around 9,000 inhabitants (in five different centers: Sant Llorenç, Son Carrió, Sa Coma, S'Illot and Cala Millor). On the other hand, the most important economic activity of the municipality is tourism (24,800 hotel beds). These two aspects - the population residing in the municipality and the tourist dimension - are two essential factors that define the guidelines of the Auditorium Sa Màniga.

If you meet the specified requirements, send a well-prepared and detailed proposal to the email


The budget of the Auditorium is entirely provided by the Sant Llorenç Town Council. Therefore, the municipality decides on the operation of the centre. If your company has a proposal that adapts to the local context, you can send an email to The centre studies all the materials it receives, even though the programming capacity is limited. The centre does not have enough staff to attend to the high number of proposals received on a daily basis. For this reason, we are not able to answer to all emails and phone calls, and the Auditorium will only reply if your application is accepted.

Artistic companies fulfilling the applicable law in terms of fiscality, labour and taxation.


All amateur companies, groups and initiatives, as well as the schools of the municipality of Sant Llorenç have a space at their disposal at the Auditorium sa Màniga for rehearsals and activities.

If your company does not belong to the municipality of Sant Llorenç, the local policy states that you can only perform in the centre if there is an exchange with a company from the municipality. In this case, an amateur company, group or initiative from Sant Llorenç, Son Carrió, sa Coma, s’Illot or Cala Millor must perform in your municipality in a space and with technical services similar to the ones existing in the facilities of the Auditorium sa Màniga.


The exhibit room is not commercial. The centre hosts around five exhibitions per year, among which one or two are the Auditorium’s own production, and the rest are itinerant exhibitions. The latter correspond to the following criteria:

  • The Town Council participates in different itinerant exhibit projects (produced together with other municipalities)
  • Shows produced and sponsored by entities well-known for their competence in the artistic field
  • Thematic exhibits produced and defrayed by non-profit organisations (NGOs, educational centres, cultural associations, etc).
  • Exhibits produced and sponsored by other public institutions

The Auditorium shows the artwork of the winner of the Painting Contest of Son Carrió during the first four months of every year. It can also produce exhibits whose topic is related to the municipality or from the municipal artistic collections.
The Auditorium does not organise exhibits for individual artists.