12-11-2021 / 20:00 Dance


Companyia de dansa Mariantònia Oliver

Magna Room

Type of audience: +5

Friday, 12th November, 8pm                        


Mariantònia Oliver Dance Company

Running time: 1 h

Tickets: 5 €


Revisiting a show from 18 years ago forces me to rethink who I am today. As a body committed to the stage, reappropriating the piece La Continua leads me to wonder what happens when time passes: what happens to me, what happens to whoever crosses my path and what happens to our intimacies. At this point the autonomies need company. The transformation of a solo into a collective piece has led us to a dialogue around intimacy.


By organizing ourselves from the starting point, we have turned off the resonances to offer a transformation enriched with new points of view and new ways of being and understanding. This past-present dialogue reviews, explores the adhesions and remains in the spirit of fragmentation; share small revolutionary acts to stir attention, to accept that the next step or decision is always a choice that can surprise, turn, improvise or change the established path. The game of expectations is the guarantee of surprise.






Mariantònia Oliver

Creation, interpretation

Catalina Carrasco, Mariantònia Oliver, Jaume Manresa

Artistic advice

Maria Muñoz


Maria Güell

Lighting technician

Daniel Noceda

Sound space

Jaume Manresa


Miquel Àngel Raió

Stage space

Mariantònia Oliver

Executive production

Melania Forte


Gemma Puri

Scenography construction

Damià Sastre


Tristan Perez-Martin


Guillem Alzina

Tarifa General

5.00 €